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Professional Service for Real Estate Transactions

From single-property deals to large scale development, Wysocki Law Group, P.C. offers comprehensive commercial and residential real estate services throughout the United States and internationally. Our team can help through all phases of a transaction, from property acquisition and investment, to management, financing, and sale. Our clients include developers, investors, property owners, financial institutions, landlords, and tenants. The attorneys at Wysocki Law Group, P.C. have a diversified and expansive knowledge of real estate law, positioning us to maximize value for our clients.

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We Handle All Real Estate Related Matters, Including:
  • Complex real estate acquisition, financing, and sales transactions
  • Leases for commercial and residential properties
  • Real estate litigation, tax issues, and foreclosures
  • Zoning and land use
  • Title defects and disputes
  • Landlord representation
  • Condemnation
  • Homeowner’s associations
  • Construction project procurement, bidding, defects, and contract disputes

A Legal Solution Tailored to Your Needs